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After going to London in 2002 for vacation, I thought I would next venture to Ireland. I just figured it was easier to start in countries that spoke English as a primary language. (This didn't get me far - soon I was off to Rome and Paris, where I got to show off my lack of linguistic skills on a daily - nay, hourly - basis.) Unlike a lot of my travels, I was actually joined by my friends Patrick and AnnaMarie. (We also went to Rome together in 2004, but then AnnaMarie had to go get pregnant, and that was the end of their traveling days. Except to Babys 'R Us.)

On this trip, we flew into Dublin for two days there. The hit the road for five days of exploring the countryside, ending up by staying a night in a castle and flying home from Shannon. Let me stage publicly that I have all new respect for Patrick, who volunteered to drive the whole trip. Now that I have driven on the wrong side of the road (in Australia), I have a whole new appreciation of how hard it can be.


Having a Guiness fresh at the source!